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Rebourne is an acronym for "bourne again" as in the "Bourne Again SHell" which is the default shell in most Linux distributions. The hope of this site is to unite Christian members of the Linux community and to simply have a presence on the web.

This site was officially established on July 15, 2000, so give me a while to have a functional site.

I will try not to become a portal site, there are already plenty of those. I will offer my opinion of what is the best software that will aid in the transition from Windows to Linux. Also the best software for the seasoned Linux user network monitoring tools, programming tools, image editing, web editing, even where to get the neatest skins/background images.

To back up my opinions are 4 years in the computer industry from assembling computer hardware to scripting automated task for large networks. I am one of the lucky ones out there who has the opportunity to work for a company who insists I further my research of Linux to integrate with or replace when needed, NT servers and networks.

I will update this site when I can.

I offer only 2 links to start off the career of this site. One to for a better understanding of what Linux is and possibly why the choice of an alternative OS is needed. The second a link to which is a web based searchable King James Version of the Bible, the only instruction book that we have to live our lives by. As with most instruction books, they work best when read.

This site is always under construction

I hope it will be a useful member of

Christian/Linux society when completed

Please contact me with any suggestions on the site!

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